Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward

what is arcane and concealed


Khalil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

To me, art is the passion to make movement visible as well as to form and alter structures. Painting is a very creative process, that enables me to show my devotion for the change in structures and surfaces. In particular I want to depict the becoming and decay in nature through my artisitic freedom. On the canvas, structures and shapes grow slowly until they form an intact and complete composition.

A crucial momentum came from my pottery which allowed me to work out abstract structures - such as abstract landscapes and angels - with glazes on bowls and basins. I was fascinated and became curious about experimental painting. I am again and again moved by the fact that abstract acryl painting is able to not only explore and depict the beauty of decay but also to accompany the restart of growth.

From early on, I was able to have a much more sensitive view on the world around me throuh photography. Again and again, I am inspired by the structures that surround us, may it be a wall out of brick or a plastered ground, the bark on a tree, the stones and plants in the water or a frozen lake. The clouds in the sky and even the rain on the window form compositions. There are always colors and shapes, one must only explore them.